The Importance Of A Nurse 's Job Essay

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A nurse’s job is to care for patients to the best of their abilities. There are many issues that could determine life or death. One that stands out is not about what medication our patients are getting, or the type of treatment they have for their disease process, but the care and attention nurses give them. Patients always remember how they were treated, and the call lights are in place to help nurses deliver better care. Last semester, the nurse manager said that the patient satisfaction ratings were down to around a range of 40%. This number is extremely alarming. Most other area hospitals have patient satisfaction ratings are in the 80 to 90% range. After hearing that astonishing information, it became apparent why the numbers were so low. Call lights were not being answered by the nurses. Nurses only went to patient rooms to administer medications or special ordered treatment. Although this is only one thing that contributes to the low patient satisfaction ratings, it is one of the most important as well as the easiest. Tzeng and Larson (2014) said that the rate of call-light use is associated with how often patients or visitors have unmet needs and require assistance. The call lights are convenient for patients to ask for help without waiting for the nurse, who may not make rounds for hours to come check on you. A recent article states that there is a great way to keep unnecessary calls from interrupting the nurse’s work. “The system features have the ability of…

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