The Importance Of A Nurse Leader With Advocacy Essay

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Combining Nurse Leader With Advocacy Nurses have important role in health care setting. Advocacy for other nurses and profession create positive influence at workplace. Nurse’s role as a leader and advocate is very essential to provide safe and quality care to patients. “The IOM specifically recognizes the need for strong and capable leadership if the vision for transforming healthcare is to ever be realized. The report suggests that the nursing profession must produce leader at every level of the system and accept key leadership position in policy, politics, organizations and practice”(Nursing center, 2016). This paper discusses author’s the strength and weakness related to the personal and professional accountability, career planning, personal journey disciplines, and reflective practice reference behaviors. The paper also attempt to explore author’s current leadership skills to advocate for change at workplace, personal goal, leadership growth and implementation plan to achieve the goal.
Strength and weakness related to the four areas
The term leadership and management is not the same thing. But they both rely on critical skills and ability to see a positive result in the future. Leader’s role is to influence others, effective communication and interpersonal skills. Manager’s role is to coordinate with resources in order to attain best results for example; time, people supplies etc. “People are led, whereas activities and things are managed” (Cherry, B., 2014 p 288).…

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