The Importance Of A Mother 's A Healthy And Functioning Child Is Based On The Needs Of Each Individual Parent

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1. Birth:
I believe the methods a mother decides to take as to how to birth their child is based on the needs of each individual parent. Core values, concerns and cultures are different for everyone. However, one driving commonality between expecting mothers is to deliver a healthy and functioning child. These factors all impact the steps taken on the day of labor. There are several aspects to consider, however, I found the route of pain medication to be the most crucial. One may choose to have a completely natural birth, plan to manage their pain with assisted medical care, or change their minds when the time comes. In my personal opinion, I do not believe there is one over-arching correct path to take. Each choice comes with consequences. For example, a mother determined to forego a natural childbirth will stray away from the side effects of medicine, but yet, will have to endure great pain throughout the process. They instead may use noninvasive relaxation techniques to cope. On the other hand, moms who decide to take advantage of medically induced pain relievers, such as analgesics or anesthetics will abundantly reduce their own pain. However, this will increase the risks of issues of development for their child. Some common side effects include, interference of behavioral responsiveness and early parent-infant relationship. Parents need to become educated on the pros and cons of each situation in order to make an informed decision that best fits their circumstance.

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