The Importance Of A Mother In My Life

When I was a little girl I wished I had a family like the cheerious, commercial a family all at the table eating amongst each other.

Growing up wasn’t easy for me wasn’t nothing like a fairly tale as I wish it was now. My granddad mother had custody of me she did everything for me like a mother would do for their child. My mother was in and out my life she raised me till I was five years old she was a great mom that’s what my grandmother told me. Intill she started to abuse drugs I remember when I was a little girl we stayed in these apartments on Dresden I was four years old caught walking down the street a three o’clock in the morning. I think I was looking for my mom but she wasn’t around so the next door neighbor called my grandmother
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We are seven years a part I love my brother to death ill do anything for him besides put myself in danger My grandmother really tried to help my brother and take the best care of us both. But as I got older I started to see things different she wasn’t a mother as I thought she was. I wanted a life like my cousins. I wanted a mom and a father in my life but it wasn’t like that. It’s like my mother would put a man before me what happen to your kids im your daughter I came out of you I thought you was suppose to put your kids first no matter what. She was something else I would think to myself and say where was the love for me at times. I would think to myself why you just didn’t get a abortion. But my dad or grandmother wasn’t haven’t that at all. My mom and dad was together but my mom couldn’t get her act together she was on drugs bad then she wouldn’t let it go to even save her relationship with my dad I couldn’t even change her mind so he left her. I went over my dad house on the weekend it was fun I use to play with my little sister and go out to eat and skating love to do that. My dad knew my favorite things to do and go. He tried his best to co parent with my mom but that didn’t work so he’ll just call my grand mother to see how I was doing and could he see me. Even thought my mom and dad didn’t pay child support or did a lot for me my grandmother never kept them from seeing me she

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