Essay on The Importance Of A Monogamous Marital Relationship

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1.6 I belong to a typical nuclear family. I have been married for twelve years and have three children. My husband and I live independently away from our parents and support ourselves and our children. My husband and I adhere to and believe in the concept of a monogamous marital relationship. We both believe marriage should be between one man and one woman which is legalized by the state and sealed with a covenant made before God. My youngest child is four years old and my older two are eight year old twins. My husband works a rotating shift at a factory and is the current breadwinner in our family. I enjoyed being the homemaker who stayed with the kids while they were little. However, now that they are school age and no longer require as much attention from me, some guilt has been alleviated in regards to wanting a career of my own. (Riggs & Tweedell, 2010) I am currently looking forward to returning to the workforce, becoming a two-earner family and helping to alleviate some of our financial stress. I have realized that in order for me to return to the workforce I have to find a job making enough money to pay for daycare or afterschool care. I do not want my children being raised as latchkey kids who are left without supervision, as I myself was raised. In my opinion this is very unhealthy due to the lack of supervision and guidance. This is one of the reasons I am currently pursuing an online degree. (Riggs & Tweedell, 2010) After reading over the text…

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