Mentorship Case Study

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A mentorship program is likely to prevent Trine’s freshmen from reaching the exhaustion stage of GAS. In this program, a supervisor would be hired to oversee ten mentors, Ten students with senior status would assist freshmen. Mentors would also offer advice and support about adjusting to all aspects of college life including academics, to mentees during their weekly meetings. Freshmen would get the support they need and help in their challenging courses while the upperclassmen would further develop their leadership and people skills while getting paid. Furthermore, a culture of students helping one another throughout the grades would be encouraged, making freshmen students feel more welcome at Trine University.

Mentors would be recruited
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IPFW has a mentorship program that is targeted at international students and students with intellectual disabilities. The program has been shown to help ease these new students into college life. Albion has the ‘Smooth Transitions’ program where an eligible freshmen is paired with a similar upperclassmen. The mentors and mentees at Albion meet weekly, hold study sessions together, and are encouraged to participate in college activities. Ball State also has a honors mentorship program to help the freshman honor students adjust to the new academic rigors. Many other regional universities offer mentorships to help adjust and retain students while Trine does not offer a similar program. Finally Trine’s own students are interested in the idea. Kerry Raab, a junior at Trine, said “A mentorship program sounds beneficial. I know I could have benefited from the guidance of an upperclassmen when I was thinking about, then trying to, change majors, and now as an upperclassmen I would love to be a mentor. It would be a cool chance to help freshman and show them how great college is.” Alexander Plastow, a freshman at Trine, thought that “Yeah I love that idea, student mentors sounds very interesting. I would like to be mentored because I like the idea of being able to bounce ideas off an

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