Essay about The Importance Of A Medical School For The Medical Field

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When society hears a person strive to become a doctor they relinquish a sigh of respect because the environment for a pre-health student is competitive. Many aspects form the intensive four-year plan to ready the individual for a tougher medical school learning process. Therefore, the pre-health requirements in college are essential for building a thorough candidate for the medical field. This knowledge of how a medical school candidate is formed will inform others of the hard work students must face for success.
Pre-health requirements encompass three major aspects that consist of the science courses, the MCAT exam, and the medical school application process. Science courses in the pre-medical plan are essential because it sets up the basics for the lesson plans in medical school. It begins the student’s understanding of the human body so they can be successful in their future. Those science courses correlate to another step in the process of a pre-health student, the infamous Medical College Admission Test. This requirement tests the individual on their comprehensible knowledge of the sciences and verbal reasoning. The importance of the MCAT is held in high regards to every student; therefore, the amount of time people study for the test is significant. The last important requirement of a pre-medical student is the medical school applications. These applications consist of the student’s GPA, accomplishments, activities, volunteering, shadowing, and most importantly the…

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