The Importance Of A Media Facilitator, And Connecting The Interview

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The best way to determine what type of technology is used in a school is to content the person who oversees the technology used by the students and faculty. My fellow Northern Illinois University peers and I conducted an interview with the Media Facilitator, Mrs. Holten, at the school we are completing our clinical in on October 7, 2015. The interview was located in Mrs. Holten’s office which is located in the school’s HUB. The interview consisted of asking various technology related questions; learning about the role and importance of a media facilitator, and connecting the interview to our class content. When determining interview questions, it is important to choose main topics that you want to talk about. Then have a casual conversation while discussion the main topics of choice. The questions we discussed are: What is the job title?; What does your daily routine consist of?; What is the Media Facilitator’s role and responsibilities?; Does this school provide professional development?; How are websites and content filtered?; Do you handle AAC devices?; What type of software is school wide? Based on these questions, we are able to understand what the role of a media facilitator is and how important it was to utilize the resources this individual has. During the interview, Mrs. Holten talked about how her position is usually misunderstood. Mrs. Holten is the media facilitator which is involved with many different jobs within the school and her day to day…

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