The Importance Of A Master 's Prepared Nurse Essay example

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A master’s prepared nurse has multiple roles in an interdisciplinary environment, one of them being the leadership role. Interdisciplinary collaboration is important in the health care field, it “positively impact outcomes such as length of hospital stay, readmissions, and mortality rates in both acute and primary care settings” (Gerard, Kazer, Babington, & Quell, 2014, p. 329). While taking care of patient’s it is important for the nurse and the physician to have a “positive collaborative relationship” (Prescott, 2011). A barrier that can occur with interprofessional collaboration is when there is a member of the team that does not want to work with the rest of team. Sometimes this can be because the physician does not have the necessary knowledge about how important interdisciplinary environment is to the patient. The Master’s prepared nurse can overcome this by educating the physician and other staff members how important an interdisciplinary environment is for the patient.
The role of a leader in an interdisciplinary collaboration is different from all the other roles a nurse can take on. Being a leader in an interprofessional collaboration is an important role. Master’s prepared nurses are “members and leaders of interprofessional teams, the master’s prepared nurse will actively communicate, collaborate, and consult with other health professionals” (American Association of Colleges of Nursing, 2011, p. 22). The nurse should be the leader of the interdisciplinary team…

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