The Importance Of A Man Or Women Ever Being More Superior Essay

1111 Words Jul 21st, 2016 null Page
As human beings we don’t have the luxury of being able to choose between becoming a male or a female, and regardless of what technology has to offer in the next generations to come it should stay that way. The idea of a man or women ever being more superior to another is an absolute disgrace to our society. In order for our country to function the way it does, men and women on a daily basis must work side by side under no restrictions. In all honesty, being a male I grew up not having to deal with all the sexism that goes on in a girls every day activities. I don’t blame the strong willed women for rebelling and going against the common stereotypes that are tagged against them, I would do the same. Just now in the last couple years have I been enlightened on the numerous topics about the struggles women have to go through to be noticed, especially in movies. One in particular being the latest Pixar film Brave. From the start, the author of article, “The Fall of the Female Protagonist in Kids’ Movies” Stefan Babich’s arguments were certainly more impactful, but taking nothing away from Amanda Marcotte’s the creator of, “The Shocking Radicalism of Brave” conveys effective arguments when it comes to the movie Brave, they both deserve a great deed of creditability on the topic at hand with all the knowledge being expressed in both their detailed articles. Although Marcotte may have somewhat of a bias opinion on women inequality, Stefan Babich, a male, complements her…

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