The Importance Of A Leadership Training Center Essay

1892 Words May 22nd, 2016 8 Pages
Everyone one living on the earth have been created for a purpose. Furthermore, some individuals are called to the education, business, entertainment, medical, ministry, and many of other professional fields. Men and woman who have a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ often hear through reading His word and spending time in prayer what they are called to do in the earth. The society we reside in have many individuals that have been hurt by various situations and circumstances. With this mind, hurting individuals often seek help within their local church, mental health counseling centers, and life coaches. Moreover, the body of Christ are the hands and feet of the savior and are called to help those in need and hurting.

At this present time, I have no experience in pastoral counseling. The church that I am in covenant with has a counseling center in which our senior pastor appoints minsters to serve our church counseling center. Our church has a Leadership Training Center that members can apply to that is a two year program and non-accredited. However, the Lord gave me peace to attend Liberty University to further more education. With this in mind, I am called to serve outside my local church. Furthermore, I have been a small group leader to a marriage restoration small group since 2011 when I was commissioned by my Bishop in December 2010. Praying with wives, giving resources to help them heal from past hurts, and guiding them that God…

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