The Importance Of A Leadership And Volunteer Essay

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I’ve always been willing to take a leadership role and volunteer, although often outside of the Gull Lake school district 's boundaries. My freshman and sophomore years I was captain of a club swim team located in Plainwell, a team that I had competed within since the beginning of middle school. I took pride in taking the younger, newer athletes under my wing, helping them grow a love for an intense and all consuming sport mentally and physically.
Prior to freshman year I volunteered at a restaurant and campground in Marshall because I felt like I needed something productive to do in my spare time over summer break. I spent countless hours helping the owners with small but crucial tasks for their business, giving me a sense of self worth as I watched how important even the most minute contribution is. I continued to volunteer until Junior year, when the owners offered me a paid position within the restaurant, due to the enthusiasm in which they watched me perform my jobs on a voluntary basis.
I also have maintained another job closer to home since fall of 2014 at Gull Meadow Farms. During my first season I refused to remain idle and always asked to do something more, to learn another task, and it led to me working three to four days a week. At the beginning of the fall 2015 season I was informed I was going to be involved in training and assessing the new hires. Following that, I became a weeknight manager, working four out of the five days in a week; my jobs included…

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