Essay about The Importance Of A Individualized Lesson Plan

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The importance of a Individualized Lesson Plan (ILP) or an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) is to help every child in the be successful in the classroom. Individualized Education Plans are often used in the classroom to cater to students with behavioral issues, learning disabilities, problems focusing inside the classroom and other issues. What if teachers could use the same ILP/IEP format to meet every students learning ability regardless of student? The Common Core lesson Plans that are used in the classroom now are just that, "Common". Many students are failing at being successful in school because teachers are teaching 20-3o twenty to thirty students in a classroom, with 20-30 different personalities and different backgrounds, "The Common" way. In this paper I will discuss exactly what ILP 's/IEP 's are, the teachers responsibility to teach and what the goals and expectations are for the students. "It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge". -Albert Einstien ILP 's/IEP 's are individualized lesson plans put in place to help student have difficulty learning in the classroom. Many of these ILP 's/IEP 's are put in place to help students in the classroom who struggle with the common core curriculum because they suffer from ADA,ADHD, Autism, behavioral issues or difficulty understanding the common core curriculum. Supporting Idea: ILP 's/IEP 's uses a student 's best learning ability and uses it to teach the student in…

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