Analysis: Everyone's A Hero In Their Own Way

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Sohan Pramanik
Language Arts 1 Honors
Mrs. Pandolpho
29 October, 2015
Everyone's a Hero in Their Own Way
Soldiers are people who stand up for their country with no recognition. They risk their lives for fighting and saving so many lives. If it were not for them, then there would not be an America. People in the military should gain proper recognition for what they serve for their country. Soldiers are willing to step up, not because of fame and money, they know it is the right thing to do. It is very disappointing that no one takes a second to think about how important people in the Armed Forces are. They come with scars on their faces walking among and upon us, working really hard to keep this country the safest as it ever was. Soldiers are
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His intentions were to become in the Marines of the US Army, but he became a soldier. Wars imply devastation, bloodshed, and slaughters. The soldiers who survive these wars signify loyalty, perseverance, courage, and honor. There are soldiers who are remembered for their conviction for fighting in wars. After Audie Murphy’s death, he was still remembered for being a selfless, and courage soldier during World War 2. When Murphy was young, he was chosen into the U.S. Armed Forces, because of his extreme courage. Even though he was young, he showed his mettle and fearlessness while in war. Another example why Audie Murphy is considered a hero is because he had dealt with Posttraumatic Stress Disorder without the help of alcohol and drugs. The main reason why Murphy did not take drugs and alcohol is because he did not want to set a bad example to his fellow soldiers. Audie Murphy has so many characteristics that prove he is heroic, and that is why he is chosen in the U.S. Armed …show more content…
What he did was extraordinary, risking his life to protect our country during war. He fought in many wars and has came out successfully. People do not think about soldiers, they think they are in the army because it is their job and it is not important at all. On the other hand, they are wrong. Soldiers work very hard to make their country a safe place. Everyone should look up to them, and give them a big “Thank You” because they deserve it. This nation would not be together without them, we would not be here if there were not any soldiers to protect us throughout our daily lives. People do not randomly get chosen to the U.S. military. They have to show that they are brave, and have perseverance in their character. That was what they saw with Murphy and so many others; that they are willing to save this country from disaster. A hero is someone who steps above others and helps everyone. A hero is someone who is willing to do things right without the intention of get fame or money. Audie Murphy’s actions proved that he was a hero, and he served well in the Armed

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