The Importance Of A Healthy Year Old Girl Essay

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You would think a healthy seven year old girl would not be in school the previous day and 24 hours later she would be lying on a hospital bed. I really can’t remember much but at the same time it feels like I can retell every second of it. The night began as we walked into the banquet, it was truly breathing. The entire family was caught off guard with all the beautiful, luminous lights that hung around them like stars in the sky and the food served seemed fit for royalty. Three hours later into midnight, the oldest child felt sick to her stomach. She got up from her bed and walked to the bathroom. Almost not making it to the washroom, she began puking continuously. The girl tipped toed from the bathroom to the kitchen and back to her room with a hot glass of water, not wanting to wake her parents. It had been a long and exhausting night for all of them. Taking on the sickness by herself did not turn out well. She ended up waking her parents from the silent screams coming from the bathroom. She fought to handle it herself because it was in her nature to do so but it was more than she could have handled at her age. Even with the pain the young girl was in she tried to behave as if everything was normal and orderly. The face of indifference was apparent on her body but if you looked close enough a heart of gold lied underneath. She felt guilty for waking her parents up at such an early hour but maybe it was for the best. But as 3 am turned to 6 am the girl finally agreed to go…

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