Essay on The Importance Of A Healthy Home Environment

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She’s his first love and the status of their relationship is imperative to the way he will one day treat you. Mothers are responsible for taking care of our hearts and molding our minds, they’re the most influential people in all of our lives. If that relationship is tainted, it can cause some serious issues all the way into adulthood. A healthy home environment is detrimental to mental growth, for personality disorders don’t develop themselves and bad habits don’t form by themselves.
No stranger to mentally unstable men, I’ve dated my fair share of crazies, and they all seemed to have mommy issues. In relationships, I tend to take on a “Dr. Phil” like role, I allow my partners to speak freely without any judgement about anything. Men are comfortable discussing every expect of their lives with me including; work, exes, sex, friendships, health, and family. Listening is a skill I’ve mastered and I tend to use it to my advantage, particularly when they start speaking about their mothers.
Perhaps you’re like me, a great listener. If so, you’re five steps ahead of the game. Menfolk are much more emotional than they want us to believe, you have to know how to get inside their heads. The left side of the human brain is logical; the right side is emotional. As we all know men are logical thinkers, so how do you trigger the right side of a man’s brain? Easy, get him talking about his family, specifically his mother. This will be your gateway into gaining a piece of his heart.…

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