Essay The Importance Of A Health Care Professional

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A health care professional is an individual who is certified to provide preventive and curative services as well as rehabilitative facilities in a systematic manner to families and community. A health care professional may offer the health services in all branches of health including medicine, pharmacy, surgery, dentistry, medicine, surgery, psychology or in allied health professionals. There are different levels of nursing providers. The primary nursing care provider is the professional, who a person will first seek to consult about the health problems and checkups. Then, the second nursing care is a licensed caregiver who has received appropriate training to care for the sick. The last one is the drug therapist who is a licensed pharmacist with a graduate training from the college of pharmacy. A drug therapist process and prepares the drug prescriptions that were forwarded by the primary care providers. They also provide the information to the patients about medications. Lastly, they consult with the doctors about the dosages and the side effects of various medicines.
The scope of practice
The scope is the activities that the registered nurses and other health providers are educated and authorized to perform. Most activities that the registered nurses perform involve non-restricted and restricted actions. These regulations include activities in a broad scope of the practice statement, and they are vital to the registered nurses (2016). However, many of them are complex…

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