Essay on The Importance Of A Great Lawyer For Beginners

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How to become a great lawyer for beginners. So you want to be a lawyer. There are a few things you need to know you must be willing to go thru several more years of school, you have to be willing to read and speak in front of a courtroom, and you must not have a problem with working odd hours. Lawyers work weird hours sometimes sleeping at the office and starting your day bright and early with not that much sleep or sleeping in an uncomfortable position (Shmoop). As an attorney you will have to read multiple times a day. You will also have to find many people at the courthouse and gather information. Some of your time will be spent in a court of law however you will have other obligations as well such as negotiate settlements of civil dispute, go over the wills of loved ones that have passed away and even negotiate for a shorter sentence ("Lawyers."). Lawyers have to also get acquainted with the new laws about every two years, but the good news is that you can usually take an online course that will still let you do your job without going back to school ("Law). You will also have to take a bar exam to obtain your licenses to practice law. You will have to do this in any state that you wish to work in. You will first have to go to college and get your doctorate which will take about 4 years, and then you will have to go law school for another 3 years. After that it’s a couple of nights studying for the Bar test that you will need to pass. You will need to find a law firm to…

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