Process Essay: What Makes A Good Writer

Writing Skills Learned
What makes someone a good writer? Before the course I always thought for someone to be a “good writer” their writing must be perfect, or they must have had published a book. Under those conditions only authors would have the title of a “good writer”. At first I would have never consider the possibilities of calling myself a descent writer. After writing some of the pieces in the course I now understand you don’t have to be an certified expert to be considered a good writer. Through all of my pieces written I have been continuous told great work and encouraging things. I have been told that my use of detail in my narrative made them feel they was there with me taking the test. In my profile my use of the quotes and observation really portray the writing center in an image they would want to be seen. In the position paper it was clear what the argument was and my evidence support my position in the entire paper. I now know these are the traits to becoming a good writer. A Good writer is someone who pushes themselves to become a better person through the usage of writing. Under those guideline I would most definitely call myself a “good writer “
Becoming a good writer is easier said than done. There has been some up and some down in my writing. Personal something
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That is something I never would have expected to achieve so I feel that is one of my biggest success story yet. Second is learning how to writing using those elements of detail and more I that I learned in class successfully within all of my paper. As I said before in my narrative “having the abilities writing goes far beyond pen and paper” it can be imply throughout your life as a continuous lesson to learn. I am very thankful at the fact that I can read and write at such as scholarly level. I find it be a blessing where a lot of the people in 3rd world cannot do so at the basic

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