Critical Thinking Model

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1. While being goal orientated, still need to be aware of team member’s emotional need. William got frustrated as we did not spare a thought of his family members

2. A good follower does not make a good leader. However, a good leader will be a good follower. I could imagine the situation can be very chaotic without the instructors giving firm instruction that only the leader can make decision. Members who are more vocal would try to assume the position of the leader and the leader without a stand will give in.

3. Always make plan for unforeseen circumstances but do not over think and cause delay. Don’t regret on the decision that had been made wrongly but remember.
We put in too much thought in transport and plan does not work well with
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Limit the people you like to seek opinion to 2 at most. That person shall be the one you feel that has the relevant experience on the matters. Any more opinion you seek will cloud your focus.

5. Always hold your temper no matter what kind of situation you encounter.

6. Having a good plan is no use. The ability to sell your plan is more important. When deciding how can we use the lifeline, I suggested to call someone who is tech savvy and requested them to book for 2 cabs from grab taxi and pay by their card first. However, the team felt calling someone to pick us up at a given time would be more appropriate. If I could sell my idea at that time, our ranking may be different.

7. Refer to point 3 & 6. Having a structure plan without any flexibility is dangerous unless you are able to foresee the next move. The plan was to have William’s brother-in-law to fetch us at 7pm in Clementi Mall. However, the flaw of this plan is highly difficult to change. In order words, no room for flexibility as we have many limitations such as no money and no cellphone to make a quick call to inform the other party.

8. One person cannot do everything; always delegate the task to the correct person.

a. William – Navigation
b. Zhou Yang – Quick Thinking, requesting for
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Everyone went to look for her which had drained our energy even more. We could have made use of the time to rest and recuperate if we had seen through the plot much earlier.

12. Plan your speech before you attempt to ask for a favor. Prepare an answer for three most possible questions and the rest will come naturally. It may help you when you need assistance urgently.

13. Never assume what you think of the other is correct. Always give a benefit of the doubt and clarify when you have chance.

14. Build rapport even when it is an urgent situation. When we were on the taxi, William was building rapport with the driver. My intention was to keep quiet so the taxi uncle will have more capacity to concentrate on driving and we might even reach the destination faster. The moment I received the fake money, I kept quiet because I wanted to reach the destination first and sort out the money later.

However, William took over and asked for a favor. The uncle let us go without paying a single cent. The rapport built by William might be the reason we were able to go off so easily and we were also lucky that we had met a kind

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