The Importance Of A Good Institution That Can Help Promote Social Skills

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Data analysis
By looking at the interviews I can see that all the teachers had agreed that school X is a good institution that can help to promote social skills in children. For example, through after school clubs, social groups and play. Play is important for children as it can help them to develop basic skills like interacting with each other, turn taking etc. This links back to my literature review where Sohn, n.d. states the importance of play (see appendix two).
According to the interviews, two of the teachers stated that social skills are when children are able to communicate and interact with each other and adults around them. Also they have confidence in themselves and have the ability to work in larger groups. This links back to my literature review that describes what social skills are. For example, in my review it states that socialization skills are to understand each other 's feelings and the use of body language. This shows the literature review supports what the teachers views were on social skills. However, one teacher believed that social skills are range of skills children learn through their childhood and helps them to adapt in different social situations. However, this is not true because how the child behaves with other people in their homes might be appropriate for them but may not be appropriate for the school environment (John, Crowley & Guetzloe, 2005).
All three teachers agreed that during lesson time it is important to involve discussion time as…

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