The Importance Of A Global Community Faculty Essay

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On the other hand, it can be argued by the data above, that making a global community faculty was not necessarily the goal for the participants interviewed, and this is adding up to the intrinsic value Cooper and Mitsunaga found. Global Faculty Community is sensed as another important tool to achieve a deeper and greater goal, namely, the building up of knowledge and sharing for the sake of education. Either directly or indirectly, each professor participant of this small study made such endeavor clear. For Nancy Hanrahan was her interest on delivering feminist theory on a country that is young on the topic, thus her trip was more exiting. For Kurtz is his eager to comprehend and propose a solution to international conflicts through peace, while bringing light to eastern scholars, is a main intrinsic driven force. For Casanova is his driven passion for better understanding of how religion plays a role in society. For Rachel Jones is her passion for learn better methods of teaching philosophy. She loves researching on her teaching styles to deliver complex philosophical concepts. For Leonel was his eager to witness the history of the Jesuits and how they eventually open a brand to universalism in education; this was accomplished right in a historical university as is Georgetown. For Daniel Azfal was his constant love for indigenous communities over the abuses they are still suffering after post-colonialism. In such intrinsic goals, global community faculty becomes not the…

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