A Career As A Future Teacher From Jefferson Elementary

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Since I was young I believe it was in the first grade is when I knew that being a teacher is what I wanted to do. I would set up dolls and stuffed animals in front of my chalkboard and pretend that I had a class full students that I was teaching. Then when I was in fourth grade I was given the opportunity to help in an after school program called Pass. The Pass program took students who struggled in a certain subject or subjects and allowed them extra time after school to get help. My part in the Pass program was to help explain the work they struggled with or teach them a game that had to do with the subject they struggled in. After that there were not anymore programs in my school district to help students so I went to assisting my younger …show more content…
Bohne a kindergarten teacher from Jefferson Elementary is West Allis. Just as Ms. Kortas knew she wanted to be a teacher at a young age so did Mrs. Bohne. Mrs. Bohne babysat a lot as well but, she also loved to volunteer with kids and being creative. She also believes that the most important skills for a future teacher to have is patience, organization, and then something different she mentioned was flexibility. I never thought of having to be flexible in a classroom. Although after thinking more about it and seeing how a lesson may not go as planned or a specials class gets cancelled the teacher has to be flexible and think of something new to do or a different way to explain the topic. Mrs. Bohne then explained how she wished she would have known how hard the first couple of years would be along with how there is no respect from the society. Even though teachers do not get a lot of respect from the society Mrs. Bohne still feels that her job is a great reward because she is able to see the students grow as well as build a relationship with them and their families. One aspect of teaching that Mrs. Bohne does not find rewarding are the requirements from the state and her district that are not developmentally appropriate. She also does not like how the requirements are made by those who are not educators. I fully agree with her on this, I feel that it senseless to have non educators writing a curriculum for classrooms …show more content…
Being able to talk to current teachers about their experiences in the classroom and how much they love what they do makes me so eager to become someone like them. What I really took away from both interviews was that being a teacher is hard, but so rewarding in the end. I want to be a teacher who sees a positive change in their students and knows that I was part of that change. However, before I can become a teacher like Ms. Kortas and Mrs. Bohne I need to further develop my sense of patience, flexibility, organization, communication skills, time management, and remember to be comfortable. Without having these skills there will be no building of teacher-student relationships and a hectic classroom. In the end I hope to become a teacher that can give helpful advice to others who plan to go into the education

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