The Importance Of A Friend : A Guide For Making Friends And Keeping Them By L. K. Brown

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Importance of Friendship in Social Development

How to Be a Friend: A Guide to Making Friends and Keeping Them by L. K. Brown and M. Brown is a book geared towards children with the purpose of teaching them how to make friends and solve problems that may arise. The book uses dialogue and colourful illustrations to provide examples on what a good and bad friend looks like. This book would be helpful to children because the ability to make and maintain friendships is a measurement of social development and competence. Difficult situations like rejection, bullies, arguments and shyness are covered by the book so children are aware of and know how to approach these problems that may come up when forming friendships. Parents and caregivers would find this book useful to form discussions on what a good friend looks like because it provides a variety of real life examples both the adult and the child could relate to. Changes I would make to the book would be to include some examples that cover online interactions because of the growing trend towards technology use. L. K. Brown and M. Brown’s book is a good resource to use to introduce the important concept of friendship to children early in life.

The book is written as a guide for children to learn about friendships and how they are made and maintained. There is no story behind the book but instead it uses conversations between characters to explain to the reader how friendships are formed. The book starts off by answering the…

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