Essay The Importance Of A Four Day School

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Do you think that a four day school week would be beneficial to students and teachers? A four day school week would mean longer days, but a shorter week. This would give students and teachers an extra day added to their weekend. Research proves that a four day school week would be beneficial to students and teachers. A four day school week is beneficial for the schools financial gain. Research from the article, "Focus on the School Calendar: The Four Day School Week" states "As savings were realized, they were able to redirect the money to support efforts," which gives students an extra opportunity to get extra help for them to be able to raise their grades. (Gaines). These efforts help out students who are really struggling, and and are also preparing them for the next level of education. According to the article, "What Is The Impact Of a Four-Day Week On Student Learning" states "the reasons for this shift include saving money in the face of declining enrollments and avoiding interruptions and absences due to sports and activities," which means saving money helps the school keep a good balance in finances and not wasting money ("What is"). Without having students who are in sports missing for one of those days, teachers can accomplish more lessons throughout the week. With the money saved from the extra day, the school can benefit greatly by adding some extra courses that students might need.
Snell 2 A four day school week is beneficial because students and teachers…

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