The Importance Of A Firefighter Hat

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Activity name: Firefighter Hat
Age group: 4 year old
Objective(s): The child should know the reason why it is important that firefighters have to wear a fire hat. They should know that fire hats comes in several different colors. At the end of this activity, the children should be able to paint and cut to better their fine motor skills. The purpose of the firefighter hat activity is to keep one of their main body parts of the firefighter body safe from danger and to have a better understanding of why firefighters need to wear fire hats.
Developmental domain addressed: With this activity the child is going to think about the importance of a fire hat, and be able to recognize color. By working on this activity, they are going to develop their cognitive skills. Also, by cutting and painting the hat the child is going to use their fine motor skills. While using the scissors, the children are working on their eye coordination, which is also a fine motor skill.
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This are holds up to five children.
List of materials: Paper plate, markers, crayons, scissor, glue, feathers, and colored noodles
Sequence of events: During large group activity, the children will be introduce the theme of the week. The teacher would then explain the different activities each area consists of (Block, Dramatic Play, and Art). The children who choose to work on his fire hat is going to sit at the art table. The teacher is going to explain how to cut the plate to make a hat. Once it is cut, the children can start coloring and decorating their firefighter hat.

Quick ideas for follow-up activities: After this activity the children learn about others community helpers that use different types of hats. I can also invite firefighters to the classroom and have the children explore their

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