The Importance Of A Female Doctor And Surgery Sound As Two Different Worlds

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Sketching arts and Surgery sound as two different worlds, but in reality they share many details. For an artist to draw, we must pay extra attention to any little details, which is what I do whenever I hold my pencil to draw. Similarly, surgeons have no room for any slight error because any small mistake could cost the life of our patients. I tend to think of them as one entity and this is why I see surgery as my passion.
Growing up in Saudi Arabia in a small conservative city puts any girl into a lot of restrictions and limitations. I had to find a way to express my feelings, as I found myself immersed into drawing. Observing my drawings became my passion, where I always desired to achieve perfection. I wanted to overcome the obstacles in my culture that didn’t see the importance of a female doctor, as it was considered to be a flaw. In general, the number of women in the Saudi workforce is very tiny compared to men who hold most of jobs, especially in the medical field and particularly in the surgical field. Female unemployment rate is roughly at 33%. However, the difficulties didn’t hold me back, it made me more determined than ever to reach my goals.
Surgery has been my passion even before I started my medical school. The beauty and the complexity of human anatomy drove me to learn all I could about the structure and the function of the human body. Not that I forgot about sketching, but I found a new path for me to be perfectly good at. I believe that great surgeons are…

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