Move To A Federal Government

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A country that has been under constant control from others finally has the chance of receiving real democracy. The only problem would be how far are the people of Antegria willing to go to receive it. Tyrants who didn’t see the importance of the civilians having a say so basically ran the governmental system before. Now there is an opportunity to allow citizens to freely voice their opinions. I don’t believe the people want to be ruled by one party that considered bias or mistrusting. I believe it would be beneficial to allow this country to be independent and work towards having a democracy that includes everyone regardless of ethnicity, age, gender etc.
Having such a diverse population, I believe it would be essential to include as many
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Forcing a unitary government onto this country would be moving backwards in my opinion, because the decisions are made higher in the ranks and the orders are given to those in lower ranks to follow. According to Skyline College, the power isn’t shared amongst the “weaker” states. (Skylineguides) Which could easily turn into one ethnicity running the country instead of considering the wants and needs of everyone who inhabits the land. In a way, unitary government reminds me of a communist state, because there is one group of people who decide what will be the norm and everyone else must follow it. While with federal government, individuals may find it easier to voice their opinion over the way the country is ran as well as seeing more representation in the higher offices of authority. Federal government also allows for more diversity in the way different systems are run. It breaks down into small systems, which can be more centered for the individuals living in that area. Even with smaller states having the ability to control and figure out what works for their area, there’s also the opportunity to look to the top government of the country for more input and insight over how to move …show more content…
Taking a look at the Plurality vote, at first glance appears to be the more fitting system with the winner taking all but upon further inspection, it becomes harder to determine if the person elected won because of their stance on issues or because there were more people who of that ethnicity voting. One could ask what ethnicity has to do with anything but since there is 56% Antegrian I feel the results would be a tad skewed and not including the other ethnicities within the country. I believe the best electoral system would be the majority electoral system. According to Georgetown University over electoral systems, the majority system allows for a more than one time of voting as well as giving the chance of a more diverse platform to everyone who wishes to run. (GeorgetownUniveristy) The only problem with this system would be the chance of those voted in to lose because they didn’t receive the popularity vote. I would not include the Electoral College because I believe it allows those who don’t deserve to win a chance to

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