The Importance Of A Diverse Work Environment Essay

1250 Words Dec 8th, 2015 5 Pages
Organizations in today’s climate are set to be global, so that they can remain competitive, and with that immerge new components that organization must be ready to address. A main point that organizations need to address is the diversification of the work environment, for it should not be viewed as an item that needs to be crossed off a list, but instead should be taken as an opportunity to further enhance the organization. In a diverse work environment you would be able to find all sorts of people varying not only in ethnicities, but also in gender; so that the most evident trait they showcase is their competence. According to Robbins and Jones (2015) organizations change has not only happened but is happening, and is reflected in the makeup of managerial and professional jobs.
In a fully functional organization the process of diversification commences at hiring, because they “are always looking for the best talent, and we recruit across multiple communities to ensure that we are selecting from a diverse range of candidates” (Vegas, 2012). The process of diversifying the work environment should commence even before one has been hired, for in today’s time organizations are meant to be competitive to keep up with the changing world. The allure of the job that comes from wanted ads or recruiting messages should be as diverse as the organization itself for “research has shown that women and minorities do have greater interest in employers that make special efforts to…

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