The Importance Of A Developmental Stage For Children 's Development

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As we all know the literal meaning of milestone is defined as a marker to tell you where you are, as you are travelling. But, today, milestone will be defined as a developmental stage where children’s milestone mark as they accomplish improvements as they grow up. For example, body growth, language development, motor development, play development, attention development, social development, memory development and mental development. Each child’s development in certain stages may differ depending on their ages, genes, environment and IQ. Child development does not happen uniformly, but rather, it progresses along at its own rate. Moreover, children develop various qualities from the primary caregiver staring when they were little. Primary caregiver, whether they are the aunts, parents, grandparents, or uncles. They are the one responsible for helping out the children, because children adapt quickly when they are being taken care of. The things that happen to a child as they are growing up may vary as they grow older; whether it may traumatize them or not. It will always be part of who they are. As I observe Bryan, who is now 10 years old. I see some stages where he is fully developed and following the standards of his age. Yet, on the down side, I see some undeveloped qualities that may not be fully developed due to unknown categories. Physical development provides children with the abilities they need to explore and interact with the world around them. It is also about…

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