The Importance Of A Daycare Center

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For my site of research I have chosen a daycare center, for which I was given permission by the director. The name of the daycare is Alpha Fundamental Pre-School. The entity that I am interested in is there after school program, for which I have ask for the eldest group available. The older after-school children were actually kept in the lower part of the school: a beautiful decorated wall of colored colorings of student’s works, drawings, a finished and glued (what looks like 5,000 piece) puzzle of a picture of wild animals in Africa, a few arts and craft of popsicle sticks models of bird houses hanging from the ceiling. There were round tables, and long tables with chairs set along the wall. The main office is also located in the basement; the whole …show more content…
Green alone and get ready for snacks. After what seems to be ten minutes or more, of settling down everyone from conversations, questions, and requests (some were asking for pencils to start their homework, which got denied with an after snack reply). It finally reaches to a point where Bradley was actually able to serve snacks. Again with an out pour of request form different after school children, the task of calming down elementary children seemed daunting. There was request for only fruits, requests for different kind of snacks, and request for milk instead of water. Either way the whole situation was being handle wonderfully by Bradley, by answering each request with a “ok, please wait, this is what we are serving today”, and some time “no problem just give me a minute”. (Feeling awful for not helping) I asked “do you need help”? Bradley answered with an “it’s ok I got it”. After serving snacks which was consisted of watermelon, Club Crackers with cheese, and a choice of water or 2% milk. Pencils was handed out to those who needed it, three of them (Kennedy, Mya the Spanish girl, and Andria the last girl to enter the after school basement) wanted their pencils sharpen. After about

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