The Importance Of A Corporate Culture Of Safety Essay

1112 Words Nov 28th, 2016 5 Pages
There are real and palpable benefits to developing, instituting and constant evaluation of a corporate culture of safety. By mandating a safe work place an employer can keep employees working, and working for their company because they feel safer and valued. The company can keep schedules and projected and required deadlines because accidents and injuries will produce work time lost or slowed. The company can use a culture of safety to recruit new employees and build their reputation by being a safe company (Cesarini, Hall, & Kupiec, 2013). An actual culture of safety is a full team effort. From share holders, corporate leaders, managers, supervisors to boots on the ground workers each have an important role to play. It requires more than simply stating the “we support a culture of safety”. Fostering such a culture requires complete commitment, budgetary consideration, planning, documentation to support the culture, participation by all, responsiveness and dedication to success. Since one can not simply declare a culture of safety then it stands to reason that the culture should be sold to employees from day one. New hire orientation starts the process of indoctrinating a culture of safety. But this is something the employee can not simply hear and buy into. There must be supporting evidence that the company wants to protect its workers and at the same time protecting their company from safety pitfalls, short comings and legal/ethical issues (Cesarini, Hall, & Kupiec,…

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