The Importance Of A Communication Contract At All Levels Essay

1189 Words Jul 31st, 2016 null Page
In today’s global economy, businesses are looking for ways to have worthwhile conversations at all levels. Valuable communication is vital when part of a company’s business takes place half the world away. It is through that communication that some of the most important decisions are made for the entire business. The best way to ensure that the communication is advantageous is to set up basic framework for all communication. There has to be standards set in place that all parties within the communication can expect to happen on every exchange. Five of the most important parts of that communication are honesty, fairness, opportunity, timeliness, and follow-through. Associations that exercise this framework have the opportunity to increase the usefulness of all communication within its prevue. Each member that is a part of any communication will know exactly what to expect from others and will no what is expected of them. The first clause that should be developed in a communication contract should be honesty. Honesty is arguably the most important piece of any communication; without honesty no party that is part of the communication will consider the transfer useful. Additionally, if there is no expectation of honesty neither party will be completely invested in the communication. Utilizing honesty as a cornerstone of all communication within an organization will ensure that participants of the communication can rely on the information passed along.…

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