The Importance Of A College Mission Statement Essay

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When a college mission statement includes things like “prepares its graduates to obtain employment or advancement in their chosen field” and “continue their education and be contributing members of society,” this is a good indicator of a career focused college as well as one that is goal oriented. These two characteristics are a recipe for success in today’s world.
Most colleges do not have a dress code. However, at Central Penn, students are responsible for their appearance. This helps to prepare for the business world. Regardless if the dress code in the business world is business or business casual, there is still a dress code and being responsible for your appearance is expected. Why not get in the habit right away when starting your adult life? Many times I see young people starting at the company where I work and their appearance is less than acceptable. I have walked into my children’s school and the way some of the teachers dress indicates to me they were not taught to be responsible for their appearance. There were times that I was not sure who was the student and who was the teacher. A person once told me early on in my career that if you dress professional, you will act professional.
A famous Greek Philosopher, Aristotle, once said, “What we learn to do, we learn by doing.” Hands on Education at Central Penn supports this quote. They have professors who work in the fields they teach. Many talented people from generations long ago learned by doing and they…

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