My College Career

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Education is a very important aspect of life, it guides people into their desired careers and teaches people things they didn’t know before. Many people become nervous about starting a college career, but it’s always worth it in the end. Not many people regret going to college, but are rather very grateful they did. Therefore, college is a time to learn new things and experience different kinds of classes. It’s basically a time of the unknown, these new students are nervous about the future and excited to start a new life path. It’s definitely a new process when first starting out, but after the first couple of semesters people end up getting used to the kinds of classes. It’s also exciting to take classes that prepare you for your major. It’s …show more content…
My career choice is to be a nurse and that’s what I’m working on right now in college. Any psychology course is crucial for nurses because they need to have a good understanding of people in general. They work with people everyday and need to know what patients are going through so they’ll be able to help them in the proper way. They’ll also be able to communicate with patients better and help them in a timely manner. When nurses understand behavior, they’ll be able to provide patients with the proper emotional support they need. The overall aspect of mental and physical health is a major connection. They correspond together so well that people with psychology majors may decide to become nurses. There are also psychiatric nurses who work in the field of mental health. This connection proves that psychology is an important subject for everyone because of our own mental and physical health. Although I want to be a nurse, psychology can be helpful for people who want to further their careers in any area of …show more content…
Not only are there advantages for your education, but also your own personal life. People don’t always realize the impact that one class can have on your education and perspective. It’s also unique to learn how different and special people are. We also learn how other people develop which makes it easier for us to understand each other. It gives people a good foundation of understanding to not only interact with others but truly know how the human grows throughout the lifespan. This is something everyone should somewhat have an understanding of. Whenever I think back on my college career, I’ll be glad I took all the psychology courses that I did. It’s a class that I truly enjoy learning about and also find interesting at the same time. It was well worth taking and it also changed the way I see the elderly and even young children. It has shown me a wide range of thoughts on development which has increased my knowledge in

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