The Importance Of A Child 's Life Essay

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Since I was a little girl I always admired families that had adopted a child, and I knew in my heart that one day I would adopt too. As I am approaching the time in my life that I could potentially be starting a family and be ready to adopt a child, I have begun thinking about all of the things that it may entail and how to prepare for it. Although race has never been a deciding factor for me in the adoption process, I have for some reason always thought I would adopt a child of a different race. As I have grown and become more educated in terms of society and how race & culture plays a great role in a persons’ life, I realize that it is important to consider how a child’s life may be affect in both negative and positive ways if brought up by parents of a different race.
I have researched transracial adoption and gained a plethora of knowledge about how the adoptee may feel in a society that does not welcome transracial adoption, or how being raised by parents of a different race may affect the outcome of that child’s life. What I have not learned much about is the parent’s side of this adoption process. Moving forward I would like to discuss what parents must do when considering transracial adoption, and after they have adopted how they can help their children develop a positive racial identity. I expect there to be enough information for parents to make a well-educated decision when considering this type of adoption, to know how to be sensitive to their child’s needs…

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