Essay on The Importance Of A Child 's Development

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There are numerous things that play into a child’s development. In the case of donyaeh their or a few key things holding his development back. This factors are poverty, role of mother, and education. The area a child is raised in plays a key role in their development as in the resource they have around them. Living in poverty there are numerous outlets to gain access to drugs. Love and Diane both had addiction to drugs and love still uses drugs. The fact they are so many action of doing drugs this a modeling behavior to the baby. It is saying it is ok to do drugs.
Bronfenbrenner’s (1977) microsystem is the complex of relations between the developing person and environment in an immediate setting containing that person. (Dixon,2003). Its obvious donyaeh has no structure in his life later on in life one can say he will be an unorganized person. In the documentary they never really show any one eating healthy foods. Love get help from the state to buy foods but where is she buying the foods from. Living in the poverty there not many options to get fresh fruits and vegetables and health foods. Also living in poverty you do not have that much money or get that much from public assisting. So one can assume when they do shop for food it’s the cheapest possible which tends to be junk food. If the child was taking out of poverty, he would be expose to more in life. If he could be eating better which will allow him to get the proper nutrition to grow. He would not be around so many…

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