Alienation In Judaism

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The privilege of being called a child of God is a notion that has been lost amongst us. We feel bombarded by the sense of entitlement that, because we bend our knee to the Master, we are somehow above the rest of our neighbors. Our failure to do so, amongst many other failures, has alienated many seeking rest and respite from their world-weary sinful ways. We have become the very thing that Christ warned us about in our Pharisee-Like pursuit of salvation. We have cherry-picked which sins we find more deplorable than others and focused on that which is easy to mend, rather than that which is hard. To the drunkard we say “stay away from the bars”. To the drug addict we punish by putting behind bars. To the adulator, we slap on the wrist in an …show more content…
Islam, a religion heavily based of the Gnostic Gospels, is being looked to as the holder of all that is sacred and holy. The Church is being fractured, internally. Not since Luther nailed his 95 Point Theses to the church door in Wittenberg (sic) have we seen such division. But, unlike Luther who was pointing out the gross fallacies of the practices of the Catholic Church by selling Indulgences in replacement of Penances’, The Church is now fractured in order to win converts by turning a blind eye to sins in an attempt to appeal to a more “modern world”. Christ forewarned us that such times were coming and that we were to be ready like virgins with fresh oil in our lamps to give an account. As such, I find myself compelled to seek a more formal education in order to pursue a Masters in Divinity. The question that must be asked is this: how do we love as Christ loves us? How do we make ourselves accountable to the values and standards of our faith yet at the same time realizing that it is only by grace that we are even able to approach the footstool of The

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