Essay about The Importance Of A Child Is Suffering From Abuse

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It is important to work in partnership with other colleagues in our own setting and within others as they provide consistent care for children and young people in a secure and safe environment. It is important to work together so that the children are being cared for efficiently and effectively so that they are kept safe at all times, and that all staff are aware of what is happening around them and details about the child 's dietary needs and other needs that they may have.
Also other professionals, such as SENCO, speech therapists and social workers, to provide quality care and wellbeing for the children, to achieve the best outcome for all that are involved. For instance, if you believe that a child is suffering from abuse, you would then be able to report it to the appropriate professionals, and work together for the safety and wellbeing of the child and young person. Furthermore, working in partnership with others- like parents and families, or members of the community, to provide the care and wellbeing that the child needs for stability and safeness. It is important to work in partnership with parents and families as they are the primary care givers to the child or young person. This then helps to develop a bond with the parents and assure them that if they need help they know where to find the correct help and people to do this, as a result of this it would mean that the child would feel more secure and safe knowing that the level of care provided at home is the same…

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