Essay on The Importance Of A Child Abuse Case

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Before the conference with Mark’s families, I would’ve already collected information about him to be prepared to advocate for what I believe he may need to stay academically successful during the meeting. To gain a better understanding of Mark and his concerns, I’d met with Mark’s teacher, other same level grade teachers, school psychologist, school nurse, coach, and administrators. During this time, I would also be looking into his academic records.
In the case of Mark Lopez, a 7-year-old student, as the school counselor, I would be reporting this to Child Protective Services (CPS) as a child abuse case because Mark is under the age of 18. The reason why this case would be considered a child abuse case is due to the fact that Maribel, Mark’s grandmother had disclosed to me that Mark’s father, Juan Sr., had punched Mark in the face and knocked him across the living room four months ago. According to Kids and the Law: An A-to-Z Guide for Parents (2013), “It is against the law for anyone to abuse a child under 18—physically, sexually (see Sex and Kids) or emotionally—or to endanger any child by putting the youngster in harm’s way” (p. 4). As a mandated reporter, it is not my job to question Mark or Maribel about the physical abuse, because as long as I suspect child abuse, which I do, I will be responsible for making the CPS report. Reason why I would not question Mark or Maribel is because it is important for CPS to investigate the information Mark shares with them to ensure…

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