Essay about The Importance Of A Candidate For The National Honor Society

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I am proud to have been selected as a candidate for the National Honor Society. I have been working my whole high school career for a position in the society. I believe that I would be an excellent member of NHS because of the effort I have invested into my education and into the clubs I am involved in. Through my effort and determined character, I have proudly earned the leadership positions I now hold throughout many organizations in the high school. Overall, I am ready to become part of the society and help to further impact my community and nation alongside fellow members. To be selected as a candidate I know I must have admirable grades, after all impressive grades equal acceptances to impressive universities. So I strive for the next best grade after achieving my previous goal. This, in no way possible, can be achieved without challenge. Learning is one of those challenges. Everyday something new is thrown my way and I counter it with an open mind and background experience. If I don 't completely understand what is handed to me I find the help I need or even work my way through it, piece by piece. This is the effort I put into every new challenge and hopefully that has resulted in my grades. Though, earning good grades is not always a challenge. A lot of the time I am curious about what my teachers have next on the agenda. Learning is an intriguing process, even when I don 't excel as well in one subject as I do in another, I can 't help but love imbuing my…

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