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If you are a bodybuilder and are working on developing your muscles, you should know that workout alone is not enough. Actually, an approriate diet plays a quite significant role, considering a combination of an exercises regime with eating the right food will help you to lose excessive weight and to develop muscle mass. Therefore, there are three aspects related to meal planning that a bodybuilder ought not to forget; he must know when to eat, what to eat and what not.

Knowing when to eat

A bodybuilder’s diet involves eating much more frequently than other people do. As several specialized sources report, bodybuilders need to eat six small meals in 24 hours, instead of the usual 3-4 traditional meals. As experts report, eating frequently enables muscles to store more carbohydrates and glycogen (a polysaccharide of glucose serving as
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Nevertheless, as experts express, it is better not to rely too much on supplements; instead you should try to obtain most of your nutrients from fresh foods, which are better for your health.

Eating balanced meals is essential. As several sources report, although proteins should be present in your meals, complex carbohydrates and vegetables must be your staple foods. As experts inform, generally speaking, about 25% of your meals should be composed of fibrous carbohydrates (like green vegetables, etc.), another 25% should include carbohydrates (for instance, potatoes), while the remaining 50% should be proteins. According to some nutricionists, asparagus, spinach, broccoli and sweet potatoes are excellent choices. Particularly, the latter is a good source of energy-rich carbohydrates.

Considering your body is mainly composed of water, it is important to stay hydrated. As experts state, although an adequate hidration is good for anyone’s health, it is essential for those people training

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