The Importance, Argumence And Aspects Of Rape Culture

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I have always found the argument of rape culture to be one of great relevance, and importance. As a student avid in speaking out against rape and rape culture, I think it is incredibly important to educate not only myself, but others around me on what and how rape culture and its dangerous behaviors play an effect in day to day life. While it is true that rape culture and its effects are prevalent all over the continent, there is a specific form of rape culture that takes place within the united states that is especially detrimental to society. I chose this article to write up, due to how close and personal rape culture is to every single one of us. I was curious to look into different aspects and viewpoints of rape culture, and the specific topic of this article was one that I had never encountered before. I found the ideas that a person’s heritage and customs could be contributing to how and why they participate in behaviors relating to rape culture incredibly fascinating.

The goal of the studies conducted in the Research Article “Misogyny, Acculturation and Ethnic Identity: Relation to Rape-Supportive Attitudes in Asian American College Men” was to discover and study (as the title informs) misogyny, acculturation, and ethnic identity as they relate
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A series of composite scores were created from three scales that included questions on the perceptions of women and misogynistic beliefs (Koo, Stephens, Lindgren, George 4). These included ratings of several t-tests that included areas on rape-supportive attitudes, ratings of misogyny, and ratings of rape acceptance. Z-scores of these three scales were then calculated and used to create an overall score that could be used to show the representation of misogynistic beliefs (Koo, Stephens, Lindgren, George 4). “The composite score range was minimum score of -5.52 and a maximum 8.18” (Koo, Stephens, Lindgren, George

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