The Pros And Cons Of Literature Circles

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Literature circles are a student led response on what they have read. They are often in small groups and discuss topics on the characters, events, and relate what the author had stated into their real life connections. “Literature circles provide a way for students to engage in critical thinking and reflection as they read, discuss, and respond to books (Campbell Hill, Schlick, Johnson , & Johnson, 2001, para.3).”Students gain a much deeper understanding of what they have read by discussing with one another as well as including a lengthy written and creative response.
Literature circles promote Cooperative learning and critical thinking skills which in turns leads to many pros for Literature Circles. Lit circles are student group led discussions
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Being this is a student led students feel that it hurts there grade, and they are not as successful on the tests as they are when they have the whole. “Literature circles prevent students from fully understanding the text and cause students to perform poorly on tests because they usually turn to student play sessions due to the lack of leadership, in contrast to class discussions in which students stay on task and have the guidance of teachers (Fardous, 2015, para. 3).” Working in groups may also take away valuable time to teaching the lesson by students not knowing how to work in small groups taking more time for the teacher to explain how to work together. There is always the change that groups are formed on friendships with no initiative to get work done, as well as the constant distractions in the classroom do to noise level. There is a lot going on which can both be overwhelming to both the students and the teacher. “Many students lack social skills and don’t collaborate, thus defeating the whole purpose of these circles (Fardous, 2015, para. 5). ” There are barriers to communicate with others when groups are picked for the students. “Students also don’t take the responsibility to research answers to questions they have trouble with because they are so accustomed to getting guidance from their teachers (Fardous, 2015, para. …show more content…
I also remember having a love hate relationship with them. I hated when I was paired with people I wasn’t close with, as well getting something assigned to me I didn’t have a interest in. When I started thinking about lit circles I completely agreed with lit circles until I dug deeper into it. I am completely torn in agreeing or disagreeing with lit circles. There are many benefits to including lit circles but there are almost as many faults to pros. I love the thought of what a student gains by working in groups to gain deeper meaning on literature. But I have the constant reminder of how I felt sitting in a group with people I didn’t have a strong connection with, there were also many times we talked about things far off topic. But after looking over the pros and cons of literature circles the future teacher in me screams to include lit circles, due to the many benefits to them. Working in groups I find to be important and I know children find it fun. I also feel the working in these circles prepares students for the future due to many classes in high school and college work in these ways. Literature Circles are truly beneficial to students, and if you have good pairings, control, and able to jump from group to group, lit circles are the way to

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