The Importance And Cons Of High School Teachers

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In the United States, most students after high school move on to college to get an education and have a career path. High school teachers teaching to the test, giving study guides relatively the same as the test, and not expanding on the material needed is not a great preparation for colleges. College professors wants students to be prepare with skills and knowledge, rather then waste time on things that should’ve been introduced in high school. The problem is not that teachers are not teaching the right material to these students, those who make up these new changes and inputs to today’s education are the ones accountable for the education of these students. High school teachers should teach the same way college professors teach, so that …show more content…
These new developments such as standardized test and newer technology are consuming up time of learning. Teachers are learning these material as well as the students and are not teaching the material student should know, rather then the required that can’t be well taught. Standardized test is not a well-conducted comprehensive assessment for student’s preparation for college, and in reality it’s just a waste of time. These standardized test are just providing scores for a students particular day and does not take account of others external factors they perform. David Schultz who is a professor of political science at Hamline University in Minnesota and a member of the Scholars Strategy Network describes how America is not conducting great resources for today’s youth in education. “They destroyed American public schools with generally untested and unproven ideas. They did little to improve scores, address the racial achievement gap, or improve college readiness. Now something similar is happening to higher education, led by three different groups.” This relates to the standardized test because you can see that these are not proven or tested ideas and it does not make the education system better. Therefore, with better observations and documentation of student work and behaviors, it will serve as a student performance assessment on real learning tasks and more accurate for measuring completion and achievements the standardized

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