Essay on The Importance And Benefits Of Alumni

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The Importance and Benefits of Alumni There is nothing in this world like having lifelong friends. When people come from the same area and or go through similar situations they create a bond like no other. Even after people move, graduate and or just start a new life, the bond and experience they had stays with them. People who belonged to the same school or organization are referred to as alumni and they share a bond that connects them even when they did not attend at the same time. It is a connection that can be very meaningful and in many ways supportive. People often look to schools and government to provide for schools and community needs, but alumni organizations can be an overlooked asset that help with education, career networking, and fundraising.
Most people think that education comes mainly from school and teachers, but alumni can be a valuable resource of education for young people. Many universities encourage and organize alumni to serve as mentors, provide tutoring, offer internships and can give scholarships. Alumni are often willing and even take pride in being mentors, tutors and role models to young students attending their alma mater. A young girl at Georgia Tech had a mentor who recently graduated, and was very connected to the schools campus. He helped her figure out what organization and extracurricular activities to get involved with. He also helped her create her resume and gave valuable advice on attending a career fair and preparing for…

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