The Implications Of The Ottoman Empire Essays

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The Ottoman Empire faced devastating losses at the First Balkan War in 1912. The problem originated, when Ottoman Turks crossed the Black Sea straits and that resulted into uniting the Balkan states into the ‘Balkan Union,’ that agreed to defeat the Ottoman Turkey. Bulgaria and Serbia ruled the Balkan Union, who aspired to conquer Macedonia because Macedonia was already at war with Italy, thus it was weak. Later, Greece and Montenegro advanced against Turkey with military forces. Within weeks, there was destruction of Turks forces in Balkan peninsula. Russia played a role in the ceasefire, by using their influence on Serbia (Akhsanov, Rustomova and Motygullina 2015, 17). This event has two important aspects for the Ottoman Empire. The first important aspect was it established the Russian and Turkish relationship, because it explained Ottoman Empire’s ties and counterparts during World War I. Secondly, the disastrous losses faced by Ottoman Empire resulted in creating an alliance with Germany. In 1914, Germany and Ottoman Empire had a secret alliance treaty, since Ottoman saw that their territorial losses they suffered mostly associated with the powers of Entente and Germany being a Central Power would give support to the empire. Whereas, Germany got safe access to the eastern Mediterranean and South Asia because it opened up new battlefronts and gave a passage to trade markets in India (Aksakal 2014, 335). After 1914 the alliance, Germans urged Minister of War of the…

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