Essay The Implications Of Digital Publishing

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Katherine Fitzpatrick does not only suggest that digital publishing has changed the very notion of authorship and the way a work is communicated to the world, but she suggests that embracing the new technologies that have infiltrated the ways we communicate, can help people feel more comfortable with themselves and their writing. Fitzpatrick claims that we need to “rethink our authorship practices and our relationships to ourselves and our colleagues as authors.” This, to me, seems like a very ambitious statement, especially so because it is predicated off of what the implications of digital authorship may be- a topic which on the surface seems to have only a tenuous association with the idea of relationships with our peers in any capacity. Fitzpatrick realizes the scholarly discussions surrounding authorship are mostly theory based; that there has been no actual framework intentionally put in place to change the notions of authorship. “Academic authorship,” she argues, “has evolved in conjunction with our publishing and employment practices.” This, she claims is a reason why we need to evolve our writing practices into something more tangible and accommodating to all people in order to make writing less intimidating and more accessible. However, she doesn’t actually explain how academic authorship has actually evolved with our publishing and employment practices. She claims there needs to be a new frameworks, but Fitzpatrick doesn’t discuss the technicalities of the…

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