The Implications Of Cloning Extinct Animals Essay

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The Implications of Cloning Extinct Animals The modern world is filled with diverse species of plants, animals, and ecosystems. Looking back hundreds or thousands of years, though, the types of environments, plants, and animals, vary from virtually the same to drastically different. Animals have either evolved or gone extinct as the environment changed, new species came and went, or humans impacted them. There is controversy whether extinct animals should be left extinct, or if people should intervene and bring them back. With modern technology, it would be possible to clone an extinct or endangered animal using genetic material from the cells of the animal, even after being dead for years. The real question is, should we? With an ever-changing environment and new species changing and evolving almost constantly, it would be extremely difficult for a new, alien species to be put in a foreign environment and survive. People should not clone extinct or extremely endangered species because they will likely not be able to thrive in a new, changing, environment, they may harm current species, and simply bringing them back will not solve the problem that led to their downfall in the first place. The environment is almost constantly changing. Regions of the world gradually change temperature, humans interfere, water levels change, and more. As these are occuring, new species are adapting to these changes, they have to to survive. Evolution may take place over thousands of…

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