The Implementation Of The Global Business Plan Essay

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A report showing the implementation of the Global business plan this takes place in the Unites States of America. The business plan should explain the objectives to achieve. The method to achieve the change in technology for that business is also dealt with. The paper focuses on the successful implementation of the technology the other country. The developmental plan is the well examined in the text. For successes, the nature of business, its geographical area, and its investment should be well utilized. The target group is essential to note this helps one to remain focused when it is time to implements.
Similarities between India and USA Technological Advancement
Both USA and India have advanced technology, the high populations have facilitated the requirement of software or computers which can be able to stored large data. The higher data in the health sector in India facilitated the requirement of the software. Moreover, the two countries have been competing in research and innovation. This has created the need of computers which produces quality. In addition, the two countries business is evolving and this has created the need to have the new technology and the implementation of the technology in the new world.
Factors, Changes, Implementation, Strategy, and Theories and Models
For successful technological implementation, the establishment of the new software is crucial. The software should be prepared following the current technology in the market. The financial…

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